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Tossed out with the 'trash' (FNAF2 Mangle SFM) by gold94chica

...... I don't know what to say about this image. The feels are too much to bare. The atmosphere of the area. The expression on Mangle'...

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Nightmares (4k SFM) by gold94chica

What can I say then well done on this image. ^_^ The lighting and smoke effects really give off the realistic atmosphere that Five Nigh...

Who WOULDN'T want to spend 5 nights @lil Freddy's? by gold94chica

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! So cute! The eyes, the smiles. Foxy, Chica, Freddy and Bonnie. My heart can't take it. ...



Voice Actors 3. by 6tothesource
Voice Actors 3.
Number 3 of my chosen voice actors for my fanfics. Let's dig in, shall we? ^_^

1)Eleanor 'Ellie' Carter is my persona for my Mass Effect story; Lost in Time.

I chose Ashley Greene, also known as Alice Cullen from Twilight, or Oracle from Arkham Knight, for her acting skills and the tone of her voice. Ellie is a caring and protective person that mostly keeps to herself. Alice Cullen came to mind and I loved the actress, so I looked her up.

2)Sidotiria 'Sid' Hildonis is my sister's persona for Mass Effect. I asked her what species to be, as she told me 'Like Garrus. He's awesome.'

Sid was very easy. I noticed Joker was voiced by Seth Green, and I thought 'who has shown chemistry with this guy?' And Mila Kunis struck my memory. I would've chose Tara Strong, but I thought that there wasn't enough.

3) Eleanor 'Ellie' Hale. My Yu-Gi-Oh-Sona for my fanfic; Legend of the Blue Star.

The choice was quite obvious since the English Dub was done by 4Kids Entertainment. Bella Hudson has always been my favorite voice actress in 4Kids. Need I say more? ^_^

4) Eleanor 'Ellie' May Cawthon is my persona for my upcoming and updated FNaF story; Survivor.

The choice was kinda tricky. At first, I was gonna go with Cathy Weseluck, but I noticed her big roles were male characters. Tabitha St. Germain was the second, but I couldn't imagine my sona sounding like Princess Luna or Rarity. Then Michelle Creber came to mind. She was the definite close.

And you know the Copyright drill by now.
Voice Actors 2 (Updated). by 6tothesource
Voice Actors 2 (Updated).
Part 2 of the chosen voice actors for my Fanfiction characters and personas. Let's dig in. ^_^

Eleanor Petrikov for my upcoming Adventure Time fanfic (Still working on a title): I chose Tara Strong, who did Ember McLain from Danny Phantom.

While creating Ellie on Princess Maker, I was listening to 'Remember My Name' on YouTube. I love the delivery and the meaning behind the song. So I looked Ember up and it turned out she was voiced by one of my heroes. So, yeah.

Eleanor Carter of my upcoming Steven Universe fanfic: Melanie Jayne Chrisholm.

You might recognize her as Mel C, or Sporty Spice from the British girl-band Spice Girls. As a little girl, I used to listen to Spice Girls all the time. My favorite singers in the band were Melanie Brown, who was known Scary Spice and the only African-British in the band, and Melanie Chrisholm, because they were very unique. And Mel C hit me hard (Figuratively).

Ellie Carter in my South Park story; Two Sides of the Same Coin: I'm sorry, I had to choose Cree Summer again.

I just love her voice. Like Tara Strong, Cree is one of my heroes as well. Not as an actor, but as a singer too.

Samantha Henderson, sister's South Parksona: The talented Mae Whitman, who is known for her roles as Tinkerbell, Katara and April O'Neil. 

I asked my sister who she wanted as her voice actress. She limited it to two choices; Brina Palencia and Mae Whitman. So, I decided to do a little research and realized Mae has done acting when she was quite young. As much as I like Brina, Mae's voice has a bit of spunk behind it. And my sister has a lot of spunk in her too. So it fits.

Series, Voices, Art and Characters belong to their rightful owners.


Meme belongs to Sukanar.


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Ellie Henderson
Artist | Student | Literature
Hello. My name is 6tothesource. But you guys can call me Ellie, and I'm a fanfic writer. I hope we could become good friends. ^_^
Hello Viewers. Sorry to bother you, but I'm in a bit of a jam. I've noticed a lot of Pokesona images and stories, and I was wondering how does one choose their Pokesona and stick with it?

I've been trying to think of one, but I can't seem to make up my mind and it's driving me crazy! Rage  

If any of you have any suggestions, please don't be shy to tell me. I don't bite.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. Have a wonderful evening/morning/day. ^_^

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